Mr. Dot



By Alan Saly

Maybe it was a meditation on insignificance. After all, the dot is the smallest, mere-est thing around -- it's not even one-dimensional. And indeed, this show was not even one dimensional, either, intruding (and that definitely is the right word) into our three-dimensional world with a premise that can't even rise to the level of being a premise, namely that it is possible to drown someone in a cup of coffee.

As an actor, if you can call it that, I must submit that I was clueless. I'll put on an English accent: point me in the right direction. But for a dot there is really no direction, if you consider up, down, and sideways. The only direction for Mr. Dot is homicidal. In fact, he spends more of his time plotting and committing homicide than doing anything else.

And now I'll get to the unvarnished truth: Mr. Dot is about the banality of evil.

Look it up.

Look out. You're a dot.

Listen to:

We Can Kill So Many People Some of the Time, or So Many People Not All of the Time
Episode 1. Taped: 1971
Mr. Dot, a professional murderer, travels the world on a killing spree that utilizes a unique method of murder: drowning his victims’ heads in cups of coffee. Mr. Dot: Alan Saly.

A Dot for a Double or a Double for a Dot
Episode 2 Taped: 1971
Mr. Dot faces a unique foe: himself. Mr. Dot: Alan Saly.

Look Out, You're a Dot
Episode 3 Taped: 1971
Alan Saly (Mr. Dot) wrote this episode in which the coffee killer perfects a formula to turn people into living dots. Assistant: Tom Sinclair.