Grab Bag of Shows

A selection from the vaults of ACD, BEC, and NCN.

Fab four reunited (from left to right): Soter, Saly, Sinclair, and Doherty, at a reunion in the 1990s.

Hidden below street level, these treasures have remained unremarked while a generation has come and gone.

Edgar Rice Burroughs Discussion Hour: Another Show Wasted
Episode 4. Taped: August 24, 1970, ACD
Guest host Tom Sinclair welcomes guests Marty Phillips, Hedwig Zorb, and Sam and Jack Rosen.

Ty Phillips Corner 1
Ty Phillips Corner 2
Ty Phillips Corner 3
Taped: 1971, NCN
Ty Phillips (best known for the Magician of Horror and Mugger) introduces a trio of terror tales.

Planet of the Nuns: Voice of Horror – Who Mourns for Lonely Nuns?
Episode 23 Taped: April 9, 1971, ACD
The Invisible Nun gives testimony and the mysterious Voice of Horror’s identity is revealed. Meanwhile, the students plan another rebellion, this time with a chance of success. Hedwig: Hedwig Zorb. Ruth: Ruth Chas. ACD's signature series.

Violence in the Streets
Taped: 1971, NCN
NCN's signature series, a hard-hitting tale of troubled youth.

The Bastards
Pilot episode. Taped: 1972, ACD.
Alan Saly and Tom Soter in a one-shot murder mystery.

The Hamilton Greene Show
Taped: 1971, BEC
Hamilton has a ball with some great guest stars whom no one has probably heard from before or since.

Playhouse 24
Taped: 1971, NCN
Serious drama, featuring Christian Doherty and Alan Saly.

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